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Takhro Waterfall and Salatdai Waterfall

Attraction Details

Location : Prachantakham District

Takhro Waterfall and Salatdai Waterfall located at Ban Takrao, Bu Phai Sub-District which away from Dan Takrao about 500 meters. Takhro Waterfall is wide with suspension bridge, with the hills on the left, while on the right is the forest which is suitable for relaxation. From Takhro Waterfall, there is a walkway along the stream for another 2 kilometers to Salad Dai Waterfall which is stunningly beautiful. On the way, there are many areas for swimming. If visitors wish to visit Salad Dai waterfall, it is recommended to contact the guide officers from Foundation for Khao Yai National Park, which is located around Takrao waterfall.


How to get there: From Prachin Buri province, drive along Highway Number 3452 (Prachin Buri – Prachan Takham). The overall distance is 16 kilometers. After that, drive along Highway Number 33 until you reach Prachan Takam intersection. Another way is when you reach Nern Hom intersection; turn right into Highway Number 33 until you reach Prachan Takham intersection. Then turn left into Ro Po Cho road and drive for 16 kilometers. Then walk for another 500 meters to reach Takrao waterfall.