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Thap Lan National Park

Attraction Details

Location : Na Di District

Thap Lan National Park cover an area of 2,240 square kilometers of jungle, waterfalls, dams and reservoirs. This National Park was established in 1981 and it straddles three provinces. Inside Thap Lan National Park have the Lan Forest and Recreational Garden, which boasts beautiful yellow blossoms from April to June by visitors have many choices when visiting this beautiful national park. Waterfalls such as Thap Lan Waterfall and Bo Thong Waterfall, providing welcoming relaxation spots during the rainy season, when there is plentiful water. Thap Lan Reservoir is also a pretty picnic site, as is Hat Chom Tawan, a 300-meter beach on the shores of the Lam Plai Mat Dam reservoir. Three bungalows are available for rent at 1,500 baht each. Visitors may also hire tents (250-500 baht) or bring their own and camp for a fee of 30 baht a person each night.