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Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Pho

Attraction Details

Location : Si Mahosot District

This ancient Banyan tree (Ton Pho in Thai) is also the country’s oldest, located in a temple named Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Pho. Approximately 2,000 years ago, the seedling stock of this tree was brought to the country from India’s religious Bodh Gaya site, where it flourished and grew. The tree now stands approximately 30 meters tall.

According to folklore, the ruler of the ancient city of Mueang Mahosot sent his representatives to India’s Pataliputra. The representatives requested a branch of a very special Banyan tree – the same tree under which the Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment. At present, this tree is a significant Prachin Buri symbol. It is commemorated yearly on Visakha Puja Day.

To get there, from Prachin Buri town take Highway No.319 to Phanom Sarakam for 32 kilometers and turn left for 1 kilometer.